A DRIVABLE shed which cost just £150 has survived a road trip covering more than 2,500 miles across Europe – and can now be bought on eBay.

50 Sheds of Grey, the team who bought the 1999 Renault Scenic and nicknamed her Renee, transformed the car over a month to prepare it for the annual charity rally Scumrun in which about 80 cars travelled across Europe and back in just four days.

Now back from their trip, team member Thomas Belt, 26, said that despite a minor hiccup in Milan where a faulty manhole cover took out their exhaust, the car has survived and would make a great talking piece for someone to own.

He said: “Although we had three days of sounding a bit like a tractor we didn’t break down which was great. We got a little bit lost in Belgium and accidentally went through the middle of Brussels but it was nice to see Brussels.

“Driving through the Alps was the best day though; it was just absolutely stunning over the top.”

Sharing the driving between the other team members, Stuart Hawkin, 27, Gary Ford, 34, Sean Dunning, 23 and navigator for the trip John Ainsworth, 26, the team headed from Dunkirk to Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Milan and France.

Thomas, a chef, said that the plan had always been to sell the car, which they cladded in wood before adding a felted pitch roof complete with window boxes and fake flowers, to raise money for Tommy’s charity which funds research in to pregnancy problems and providing support for families who have gone through miscarriages.

“It was either sell it or scrap it and we really don’t want to scrap it but none of us have any room for it,” said Thomas.

“We got a lot of waves and asked for photos along the way so I think it would make a great mobile advertising space because it really does turn heads.”

The car has 200,113 miles on the clock, with a valid MOT until June 26 and is up for auction on eBay at a starting price of £150. The 50 Sheds of Grey team is hoping that the sale of the car will boost their fundraising total for Tommy’s which currently stands at just over £2,000 with the entire event having raised £93,000 so far.

To view the car visit www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191175025318