AN OFFENDER who failed to pay his court fine and compensation to one of his victims has been jailed.

Jason Roy Thomas, 36, of Garth Terrace, Clifton, pleaded with York magistrates not to jail him, saying he had the money and would be able to pay it.

But he was reminded that the court had made a suspended committal in January and warned Thomas at the time that if he did not start paying off the penalty immediately, he would be locked up.

Thomas owed the court £405 and had promised to pay £10 a fortnight, but he had not paid anything despite being in work.

The total included £100 compensation he should have paid to one of his victims.

When Thomas appeared in court, magistrates demanded the whole amount straight away.

When Thomas said he didn’t have it on him, they sent him to jail for a fortnight.

He will serve that sentence consecutively to a 120-day sentence imposed because he failed to do a community order imposed for two charges of assault and one of criminal damage.

Thomas told the court he had had family problems which had badly affected him and his life.

He had since got a job which took him all over the country and was due to go and work in London for a time shortly after the hearing.

He said he would pay the £405 if he was allowed to leave court.

Thomas admitted breaching the order to do 120 hours’ unpaid work which was imposed in December 2013 for the two assaults and criminal damage.

That order was imposed in March 2013 after he breached an earlier community order made which had itself been imposed after he breached a conditional discharge imposed for one of the assaults and the criminal damage.

The breach for which he was jailed was the ninth time he had breached a community order.