AN INSTRUCTOR of martial arts who is accused of sex crimes against four women has admitted being an adulterer and taking drugs, but denies rape and abduction.

Mark Anthony Thompson, 37, said he had done stupid things in his life such as taking cocaine when he was younger as well as going into the bedroom of a sleeping woman after 1am with his trousers unbuttoned.

He denied “smirking” at a prosecution suggestion that he had behaved like a “big, bad wolf” when he allegedly abducted a student in the centre of York in the early hours of October 29.

Earlier he said by having consensual sex with her, he had committed adultery because he was married.

“I have committed a sin,” he said.

“I think that is between me and my wife.”

The jury at Teesside Crown Court was told of a text message sent to Thompson by a friend after the bedroom incident which included the words: “They (women) should be treated with respect and honour. That wasn’t respect and honour, it was the big, bad wolf.”

“It is the big bad wolf that encountered (the student) within a couple of hours (of the bedroom incident),” alleged prosecution barrister Shaun Dodds.

Mr Dodds said: “You are smirking. Please take this seriously.

“Don’t smile please.”

Thompson then replied to this comment: “I am not smiling. I am as serious as a judge.”

He denied that when he had been thrown out of the woman’s house after the bedroom incident, he had roamed the streets of York in his van in the early hours looking for other women to have sex with.

“It is not in my nature,” he said of the allegation he had raped the student.

“I have got no reason to rape her.

“It is impossible.”

He had denied the allegation by the student that he had a bag containing cocaine traces in his van, which he had licked during the hours they were together.

He said that if there had been cocaine in his van, it had been taken by a friend of a friend on a different occasion.

Thompson, of Hospital Fields Road, off Fulford Road, York, denies nine charges against four women, including kidnapping the student, rape and attempted rape.

Mr Dodds suggested: “You think you can touch up any woman you want.”

Thompson denied it.

He claimed he read the Bible and during six months in prison on remand he had tried to conduct himself appropriately.

He denied that he had tried to get into bed with a woman and her friend in July 2013 and that he had tried to rape her later the same night.

The jury has heard it is likely to start considering its verdicts today .

The trial continues.