ONE of York's youngest entrepreneurs has cooked up a storm with her business acumen and baking talent.

Ten-year-old Ruby McCarthy met York Central MP Hugh Bayley yesterday to show him her business plan for her venture Blossom's Bakery, which she set up as part of a home work project.

The young pupil at St Paul's CE Primary School is making and selling butterfly buns to people living in the Holgate area where she lives.

After being tasked by her teacher to set up a business, Ruby created Blossom's Bakery, charging 50p per bun, £3 for half a dozen or £5 for a dozen, with the price including delivery.

Ruby was given £2 to start the business and has already made £40 profit, with orders coming in by email and on the phone.

She said: "I wanted to make muffins to start with but when we looked at how much everything would cost we realised it was too expensive so we chose butterfly buns instead.

"I'm really pleased with how many I have sold so far. I didn't think anyone would buy them as I don't know that many people.

"My goal is to make more money than my big sister did when she did the same project at school. She made £92 so I'm hoping for £100."

Ruby, who said she wants to be a zoologist when she is older, with the baking business "as a fall back", will join the rest of her class in presenting her business at the end of May, when she will have to report back on how much she has spent and how much profit she has made.

Mr Bayley said: "I think it's a really good idea from the school's point of view to get young people interested in business and formulating business ideas.It's also a brilliant idea from Ruby's point of view, and in her first week she has sold 20 times as many buns as her start-up captial.

"If every business grew as quickly as that we wouldn't have to worry about sustaining our economy."

Ruby said: "I decided to start my business because I have been baking buns with the help of my mum since I was four years old.

"Since I started the project I have become more independent and I have learned how much work is involved with running a small business. I really love baking and I am sure I will continue to bake in the future even if it is just as a hobby.”

People can order butterfly buns from Ruby by emailing before Sunday, May 18.