A 21-year-old student has been giving evidence against the man she says kidnapped her from a York street then raped her three times in a van with blacked-out windows.

The girl had left a Hallowe'en party at a club where she worked behind a bar, it was claimed.

As she walked home with a duffel coat slung over her costume she was followed by a white van which was caught on CCTV, the jury was told.

She said she was grabbed by martial arts teacher Mark Thompson, of Hospital Fields Road in Fulford, who held her in a headlock and said: "If you make a noise I will snap your neck."

He dragged her around the corner to where his white Transit van was parked with the rear windows obscured by bin bags, Teesside Crown Court was told.

He threw her across the front seats, took off her clothes and told her she would die if she did not give him what he wanted.

She said she was raped, then a car drove past close enough that she could see its headlights. She said Thompson then swore, held her head down and drove to a shopping centre loading bay and raped her twice more.

The girl said Thompson held her head down so she could not see his face and said she was screaming in pain.

She said Thompson then drove her to the Malton area, while talking about his marriage problems. She said Thompson told her: "I'm a good guy. I do not normally do this. But you were so beautiful I could not resist."

Earlier, another alleged victim told the court she had woken in shock in the dark to find Thompson standing over her bed.

The woman had gone to sleep unaware that Thompson was spending the night on the couch downstairs following a fight with his wife, the jury heard.

The court was told Thompson had been invited to the shared property in York by one of the girl's housemates.

All four shared an evening meal with the girl sat next to Thompson, and she became increasingly uncomfortable with Thompson's behaviour, the court was told.

Thompson was asked to go but her flatmate let him back in, after he rowed with his wife.

She told the jury: "I suddenly opened my eyes. I don't know why. I do not remember hearing any noise or anything that disturbed me.

"There was a tall figure stood over me that I could just make out in the black of the night."

The court was told she screamed, waking her flatmate who grabbed a baseball bat and ran to the room. He found Thompson with his trouser buttons undone and asked what was going on, it was claimed.

The court heard Thompson said he just wanted to lie on the bed with the girl and cuddle. The woman told the jury: "I was shaking like a leaf."

Thompson denies nine charges relating to four women dating back to 2009.

The trial continues.