AT 14 foot tall, "Bigger Bertie" rocks into view bigger than the average rocking horse, and most families would struggle to fit him in their homes.

Instead, the hand carved horse billed as Yorkshire's biggest is about to take up residence in his new home at Burnby Hall Gardens.

Bertie, who was carved at the nearby Rocking Horse Shop in Fangfoss, arrived at Burnby Hall yesterday and will soon be in his new home close the to garden's aviary thanks to new owners Angela Musson and Sean Smith from Seaton Ross.

"Bigger Bertie" was designed and built to inspire young people to take up vocational training and he has already toured the country visiting exhibitions and expos.

Sean and Angela bought him in September, and decided to offer the horse to Burnby Hall on a three year loan, so they could share the sculpture with other families.

Angela said: "Our family has enjoyed visiting the gardens at Burnby Hall and our children just love rocking horses so we thought they would make a special combination for all to enjoy."