THE chairman of North Yorkshire’s Police Federation (NYPF) has reacted with anger to claims the organisation refused to hand over financial records.

Last week a national newspaper reported NYPF was one of three federation branches that refused to disclose how much was in their bank accounts to the national treasurer Martyn Mordecai.

However, Mike Stubbs from the NYPF said the Member Services Fund is held under a deed of trust which dates to 1986, and is used to operate a private medical and a group insurance scheme, which did not fall under the same legal rulings as bank accounts.

NYPF chairman Mark Botham said the group disclosed the details of the trust, even though they did not have to.

He said the branch’s 2013 accounts were not yet approved but they had advised the Police Federation that they hoped to provide them within the next fortnight.

Mr Stubbs said the Chief Constable had been updated and said: “We are not clear why we are being portrayed as uncooperative over this matter. We are writing to the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz, in order to address these issues.”