FRIENDS, Romans and countrymen - come to the Yorkshire Museum this Easter!

William Shakespeare will be strolling through the York museum throughout the holidays, telling whimsical tales of his life and peppering the air with some of his most famous quotations.

The Bard, or at least an actor playing him, has arrived to celebrate the arrival of his first folio - said to be the ‘most important’ book in English Literature - which is on loan to the Yorkshire Museum from Craven Museum and Gallery in Skipton.

Emma Williams, assistant curator of science and archaeology (learning) said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for school children to see the first folio of plays which are still an important part of the school syllabus today. They can also have fun speaking to our actor about the time of Shakespeare and learning about the real lives of Kings behind some of his most famous work.”

Visitors can also explore the lives of some of Shakespeare’s most famous kings, including Richard II and Henry IV, through the museum’s collections and pick their side; Yorkist or Lancastrian?

The bard will be at the museum from 11.30am – 1.30pm and 2pm- 3:30pm daily until Monday April 21.