A HOUSE in York has been left with a large hole in the front wall after a car crashed into it today.

The BMW hit the house in Alcuin Avenue between 1pm and 2pm.

The wall collapsed right next to householder Jim Bradley's chair, but he was in his shed at the time so escaped injury.

Mr Bradley, 82, who has lived in the house for 70 years, said: "I just heard the bang, came round and saw all this lot. Very loud, it was.

"I didn't know what it was, I just saw smoke coming through the passageway. I came round and the car was in the wall."

He said he was "just grateful nobody was hurt".

The driver, Christine Howard, is a friend of Mr Bradley's and has driven the car for twelve years without incident.

She said: "I was just pulling in and my foot slipped off the brake and onto the accelerator

"Jim usually would have been sitting there, but he was out in the garden. Thank God he was."

The car broke through the front wall of Mr Bradley's house, but left his front windows intact.

Mrs Howard said: "The airbag seam hit me, I didn't realise it had gone off. I was more bothered about the wheel going into me.

"I just thought 'poor Jim', I'm just so grateful he wasn't sat in his chair. He usually sits just to the side of the window for the light when he's reading. I couldn't stop shaking at first."

Mr Bradley said: "I'm just grateful nobody was hurt, and glad to see Christine is alright."

Mr Bradley and Mrs Howard spoke to a City of York Council workman who was at another property up the street, and council staff were quickly on the scene to prop up the wall and ensure it was safe. A structural engineer was also called to the house.