MORE than 1,374 people have signed an online petition calling for new CCTV cameras to be installed along the River Ouse.

The petition was launched on Tuesday following the death of 20-year-old York student Megan Roberts, who fell into the river after a night out in January, and whose body was found last week.

Before her six-week disappearance, Megan was seen on CCTV leaving Popworld in George Hudson Street, falling over, and heading towards the river, but went out of the view of the current cameras meaning her fate was uncertain until her body was found.

The petition – on –looks to “introduce cameras in the dangerous areas of York such as Lendal Bridge and around Ouse River”, and had already been signed by 1,366 people by 5.30pm yesterday.

It said: “The main purpose of getting CCTV around York, focusing on the river areas, is to prevent any more of the horrible unanswered questions of missing people. For example, the terrible case with Megan Roberts when she entered the river as well as many other tragic cases.

“CCTV would save a lot of police time and could also protect people from being in vulnerable situations.

“It will provide more evidential information for not only the police but also the families and friends of the victim involved.”

The call comes as the search for missing York man Ben Clarkson enters its sixth day and the Yorkshire And The Humber Marine Search Unit start their fourth day of searching the River Foss.

This week, the River Ouse Safety Group, which includes various organisations, said they would continue to try and prevent incidents.

They said: “We are determined to work with colleagues across the city to prevent river-related incidents where we can.

“We urge everyone who is out and about in the city centre to watch out for each other and stay together when heading home so that should an accident occur, there is someone to raise the alarm.”