A colourful York street performer has teamed up with a city art gallery to help bring light to the lives of children in war-torn Syria.

Purpleman, who entertains visitors for up to eight hours a day on his bike in Stonegate, will take a van-load of children’s toys donated by well-wishers to the Middle Eastern country later this year.

He has organised an exhibition of art, sculpture and curios in the Pyramid Gallery to help pay for the trip.

And Terry Brett, owner of the gallery, is to have a spell at being Purpleman for a day on Monday.

The exhibition – For The Love Of Purple - will feature work from artists Purpleman has commissioned over several years, many of which will feature in a forthcoming book, and much of the art has been created by the entertainer himself.

It includes an installation of purple soft toys which are miniature versions of Bubbles, the dog which sits on his bike.

The exhibition starts on Saturday on the first floor at the gallery, but there is a party and opening night tomorrow at 6.30pm. Terry’s turn at being Purpleman will start at 10.30am on Monday and he says it will last until “sometime in the afternoon, depending on saddle soreness”.

Terry said: “I’m not even certain I can do it for more than ten minutes, but if people want to see how I cope with the challenge, they can come along and give me encouragement in Stonegate.”

The art will be available to buy and more information is at pyramidgallery.com or by phoning the gallery on 01904 641187.