A raccoon is turning heads as her owner takes her for a walk to burn off energy.

The six-month-old animal with a penchant for chocolate drops is causing chaos on her daily stroll.

Young raccoon Zella, aged just six months old, is the latest animal to join a children’s pet party company based in Harrogate.

Zella has been stopping traffic as she takes her walks, getting thrown out of Argos, and causing just about everyone who sees her to stop and do a double-take.

“We never get very far, we get stopped all of the time,” said her owner Liz Kirby, 48, who runs Noah’s Ark Exotic Pet Parties.

“We took her to Scarborough once, and tried to take her to the beach. But we couldn’t get near the sea, she was stopped by so many people.

“Normally people think she is really cute. We do get some funny looks and a lot of people ask what on earth is she.

“Some people think she is a dog and others say they want a raccoon of their own.

"As soon as people ask me what it’s like to own Zella I tell them it is hard work.

“It’s like having a baby who’s just learning to walk. You can’t leave ornaments out because she will knock them all over.”