It is six months on Thursday since York’s controversial Lendal Bridge restrictions came into force.

Private traffic has been banned between 10.30am and 5pm daily, but tens of thousands of fines have been issued and the closure has been hugely controversial.

Today, eight people have their say on the closures.

Here’s a rapid-fire summary of the debate. To read any piece in full, click on the link for more.

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Lionel Chatard of York Hoteliers Association says the closure is putting York’s reputation in jeopardy and says all the good tourist work is in risk of being annihilated. [Read more]

Nik Brown of the University of York says cars are an inefficient form of transport and are squeezing the life out of public spaces. He says York risks becoming a city rammed with cars. [Read more]

Kate McMullen of Visit York says we should imagine how York is for visitors, unfamiliar with the streets, and says many do not know they’ve made a mistake until it is too late. [Read more]

York resident John Gilham says many other traffic policies in York have been opposed before, but have ultimately proven to benefit everyone who enjoys the city. [Read more]

Susie Cawood of York Chamber of Commerce says businesses drive the economy but are suffering due to the closure. She says she has heard overwhelming condemnation of the restrictions. [Read more]

Prof Alan Simpson says York must enhance its public spaces and stem the unrelenting impact of cars. He says the attempts around Lendal Bridge and elsewhere are clearly the way ahead. [Read more]

Frank Wood of York Retail Forum says there has been a distinct downturn in city centre trade which dates back to the bridge’s closure. [Read more]

Mike Childs, of Friends of the Earth, says York must adapt to thrive and survive in a competitive world. He says the city’s air is too polluted and says it would send the wrong message to re-open the bridge. [Read more]