AN usher who was being fitted for his wedding suit has been hailed a hero after chasing down two men suspected of stealing from the shop.

Ian Cockings was in men’s suit shop Joshua Adams in Boroughbridge when shopkeeper Louise Leong called out for two men to be stopped after she realised they had taken her mobile phone and iPad.

Mr Cockings dashed out the shop, caught up with the pair in the street and frogmarched them back to the shop.

Ms Leong said: “It’s very unusual for this sort of thing to happen in Boroughbridge.

“As soon as it did, I alerted the other shops to warn them. When I called the police, they said they had other reports of similar thefts in the area. I’ve handed over my CCTV footage to them and hopefully the people responsible will be punished.”

The shopkeeper was so grateful for Mr Cockings’ help that she is providing his suit for free.

Numerous other shops have also joined in to thank him for his community spirit.

Urban Hair, the owner of which is the bride-to-be, will give Mr Cockings a free hair cut, while The Beauty Shop is treating him to a pampering session to help him relax after his heroics.