A YORK couple have described their shock after what “sounded like a bomb” going off in their home left them with broken windows and part of their roof missing.

During the strong winds which battered York on Wednesday night, a 12ft steel framed trampoline was blown in to Rachel and Lee Kirkby’s house in Bad Bargain Lane.

The force of the wind was so strong that the trampoline was dragged over a hedge from a neighbour's garden, across two footpaths and a road and over the tall hedge outside of Rachel and Lee’s home.

It was then blown across their garden before it smashed in to the upstairs of their house. Rachel, 22, said that she felt lucky that she and Lee, 26, had been in the kitchen making dinner at about 6.30pm when the trampoline hit the house.

She said: “It sounded like a bomb went off at the top of our house and there was glass shattering in every room.

“Had it been five minutes earlier we would have been upstairs and in the wrong place. We feel incredibly lucky.”

The couple initially thought their chimney had collapsed but after going upstairs to investigate they realised the damage was much worse.

Rachel said: “Two windows had been smashed, one at the top of the stairs and another in the bathroom and the corner of the roof is not there anymore.

“The trampoline is in about a thousand pieces now and there are still springs in the house now.”

The damage was so severe that Rachel and Lee had to stay at a friend’s house overnight. Rachel said that the house was now safe to live in after the windows had been boarded up and she expected building work on the house to take about a week.