THE BUSINESS Secretary Vince Cable is urging people from his home city to vote in upcoming European Parliament elections.

Mr Cable, who was born and raised in York, has warned that apathy could lead to UKIP succeeding in the May elections which, he claims, “could be a disaster, not only for Britain, but right here in York”.

Mr Cable said: “UKIP’s policies range from the barmy to the dangerous, none more so than their ultimate aim of pulling Britain out of the European Union. Be under no illusions, exit from Europe would seriously damage the economy and destroy jobs.”

The senior Liberal Democrat politician said the case for keeping Britain in Europe was more than three million British jobs linked to trade with the EU, and membershop enable Britain to influence the rules and regulations on trade and climate change.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said the European Union is increasingly being controlled by centralised bureaucracy, and insists the European elections will be the battleground to “bring back national democracy”.