A MOTORIST who was threatened with a £90 fine for failing to pay a penalty for crossing Lendal Bridge has now been told he only has to pay £30.

But Geoffrey Brundle says he is still not happy about being fined at all and is planning to appeal to an independent tribunal service – even though this risks the sum rising again to £60.

The Press reported last month how Mr Brundle had been issued with a £60 penalty charge notice for crossing the bridge last September at a time of day when cars are banned under a City of York Council six month experiment.

He claimed he appealed but the council said it could find no evidence of him submitting any appeal, and the fine rose to £90. It was then reduced to £60 and he has now had a letter from the authority telling him he only has to pay £30, provided he pays within 14 days.

Mr Brundle, from near Whitby, said he felt he should never have been fined at all because warning signs about the ban weren’t adequate, and so he now planned to appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

The council has insisted the purpose of the bridge trial is not to generate revenue but reduce traffic going over the bridge and through the city centre.