EXACT timings for York's Tour de France stage - which will see the world's top cyclists compete in Yorkshire in July - have been unveiled.

The vast publicity caravan which travels ahead of the riders is set to roll out of York at 9am on Sunday, July 6 for the second stage of the race.

The riders will follow around two hours behind, and the fastest are expected to make it to Knaresborough in under an hour.

The schedule, revealed by Le Tour's organisers, shows estimated timings for riders travelling at 41km/h, 39km/h and 37km/h.

The peleton will leave York at 11am and fasted are expected to be in Knaresborough by 11.51am, before racing on past Harrogate to Keighley, Hebden Bridge and eventually Sheffield where they should arrive between 4.14 and 4.46pm.

On the Saturday, the race's first stage will start at Leeds at 11.10am. The peleton is expected to pass Ripon just before 4pm before arriving in Harrogate for a sprint finish and the first yellow jersey of 2014 at around 4.20pm.