CITY leaders have been urged to stick to their original timetable for cuts to York school bus services after a decision was postponed.

Plans to withdraw free school transport from 123 faith school pupils were deferred by City of York Council’s cabinet member for education, Coun Janet Looker, this week after parents said it could risk their children’s safety. The authority will now examine the proposals again.

Coun Jenny Brooks, Conservative education spokeswoman, said she was “delighted” at the postponement, but the council should stick to its original timetable for a phased withdrawal of free home-to-school transport for all faith school pupils, apart from those from low-income families, by 2019.

Under the new plans it would be withdrawn in September.

“While we understand the need to further reduce costs, this proposal could impact seriously on many children’s education, and if it went ahead some pupils might have to change schools in the middle of their GCSEs,” she said.

“Year 9 students will have very little time after the results of a three-month consultation are known to find a catchment school which has a place for them, let alone their desired GCSE options. In the meantime, the uncertainty will be very unsettling.

“Parents have relied on the council’s original timetable and it must honour the commitment it has made.”