A MUSIC-loving five-year-old has walked away from a lifetime of crippling pain after new therapy helped him overcome a spine condition.

Lucy Groove’s young son Oliver, from Huntington, has scoliosis and faced agonising surgery to fuse his spine and the possibility of a lifetime of limited mobilityuntil an exercise routine gave him new hope. Lucy said: “My little boy’s life was in pieces.

I hated seeing his sad face when I had to stop him playing the drums and doing the things that he loves.

Oliver is such an outgoing little boy and he loves getting involved with other children, but having to say no to him was horrible and he was just so sad all of the time.”

Lucy first noticed something unusual when she spotted Oliver’s shoulder blades protruding from his back and took him to the doctor.

X-rays and specialist appointments followed before he was diagnosed with scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.

They faced a 12-hour operation to set Oliver’s spine straight but Lucy was wary of the risky surgery and terrified of having to tell her son that he could not sit hunched over his favourite bongo drums anymore.

The family found London-based clinic Scoliosis SOS, run by another scoliosis sufferer Erika Maude, and decided to book in a four-week course of the £30 treatments for Oliver.

Now, 14 months after his diagnosis, they credit the clinic’s exercises and treatments with transforming his appearance and his mobility.

Lucy added: "Oliver's outlook on life is completely different. He is like a different child.

“He can run around without getting out of breath and nothing holds him back from keeping up with other children now. I was terrified of him being different and of how this condition was going to impact on his life.

“It made me and the whole family so incredibly sad having to stop him from doing the things he loves.”

For more information on his treatment online visit www.scoliosissos.co.uk