Archaeologists are hoping to piece together a part of York’s history and rediscover a lost medieval church.

Archaeology Live! trainees are currently uncovering Victorian buildings and yards as they try to discover the medieval church of St John the Baptist.

The group, made up of students, professionals and archaeology enthusiasts, have already found small fragments of what they believe to be the church wall during the 13th year of the 12 week training programme.

Assistant field officer Arran Johnson said: “This is archaeology for archaeology’s sake which is great. We are interested in looking at absolutely everything and learning all about it. Our focus is very much on the whole process.”

The project, which is taking place on part of the Hungate Regeneration Ltd development site, York, focuses on teaching the techniques of excavation, as well as recording, interpreting and understanding complex urban archaeology.

This week the trainees have already helped to discover redeposited evidence of Viking antler working as well as Victorian stables.

Mr Johnson said: “York is the perfect setting for inspiring future archaeologists. Archaeology Live! is participant funded and wouldn’t be possible without our trainees.”