Updated 8pm

A MAN had to be rescued from on top of his car after he drove into flood waters in North Yorkshire today.

The man drove into four feet of water in Cattal Moor Lane, Cattal, and became stuck. He got himself on to the top of his car, and was rescued by firefighters.

Crews from Knaresborough, Wetherby, Ripon and Selby were all involved in the rescues, from 10.45am to 11.15am. Police have closed the road due to high water levels.

At about 4.40pm today, fire crews were also called to the Cattal area after a car was driven into about three feet of water on Ox Moor Lane. The two men and three women inside stayed in the stranded vehicle until help arrived and they were walked to safety, leaving the car behind to be recovered later.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue and North Yorkshire Police are warning motorists to take note of road closure signs due to flooding across the region. The weather is forecast to improve over the next few days, although more rain is expected on Wednesday, but river levels are not expected to peak until lunchtime on New Year's Day.