A YORK MP has added his name to a petition organised in protest at changes to a local bus service on the edge of the city.

Julian Sturdy, York Outer MP, signed the petition set up by Wigginton resident Jean Nicholls after bus operator First made alterations that have meant services are now hourly rather than half-hourly. Elderly residents said the move had made it more difficult for them to travel into the city.

About 850 people in Haxby and Wigginton have supported the campaign.

Mr Sturdy, who has met local residents, said: “The changes made to the buses in Wigginton are only part of a wider set of rather inconsiderate changes made to a number of York services by various companies.

“I would urge First to pay attention to the strength of feeling among their customers and review the changes they have made as a matter of urgency.”

During his visit, Mr Sturdy was also shown how far elderly and disabled residents have to walk to catch the alternative No.1 service, rather than the No.13, which has been subject to changes.