A YORK boutique owner was millimetres from being blinded or killed when a jagged fence post speared through her windscreen and brushed past her face.

Liz Moyles has told of her miraculous escape when her Land Rover Freelander was shunted off the M1, crashed through a barrier, rolled down an embankment and smashed through a wooden fence.

She said: “The jagged piece of wooden post went straight through the windscreen and just caught the side of my face, but then went under my shoulder and out of the driver’s window, trapping me in my seat.

“All I suffered was a black eye and shock.

“Doctors and the police said it was a miracle and the police told my husband they had not expected to find anyone alive.

“They said I was a very lucky girl.

“My Freelander was a write-off but I don’t think I would have survived if I’d been driving an ordinary car. I am incredibly lucky to be alive.”

Mrs Moyles, 40, who with her husband, Kevin, has just opened Kenzi UK, York’s latest fashion boutique, in Goodramgate, said she had been travelling along the M1 last month near Leeds to take back a display stand to a shop when the accident happened, close to the junction with the A6120.

Liz said: “All I can remember was a bump, but apparently I was in the central lane when an articulated lorry hit the back of me. I went across the inside lane and hard shoulder and then through a barrier and down an embankment, rolling over, before going through the fence and then carrying on down the embankment, ending up on the grass verge of a road just below the motorway.”