A BUS stop in York will be moved following concerns for the safety of children and pedestrians.

The route along Foxwood Lane is used by a number of bus services, and one motorist contacted bus operator First with concerns about the stop.

The complaint read: “Regularly there are two buses stopped outside the shops on Foxwood Lane.

“The second bus is stopped in the zig-zags of the pedestrian crossing.

“For cars travelling from Gale Lane, they cannot see if anyone is waiting to cross or even if they are crossing. “Also, pedestrians waiting to cross cannot see if anything is coming.

“Already I have seen two children crossing and narrowly being missed by cars.”

Although no crashes have been reported in the area, once the issue was raised, First Bus decided to replace the bus stop as a precaution.

A spokesman for First Bus said: “This stopping point will be moved as soon as possible and we are happy to meet this request made by local people.”