A LITTLE boy undergoing pioneering cancer treatment in Germany has suffered a number of worrying setbacks.

In recent days, seven-year-old York schoolboy Jamie Inglis has suffered from pneumonia and a virus which has caused swelling on his brain and seizures, one of which left him completely unresponsive.

It is thought the virus became so serious because his immune system has been compromised by the treatment for the childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

Jamie is officially in remission from cancer but is undergoing antibody treatment to help ensure his immune system will fight any rogue cancer cells in the future.

His parents, John and Vicky, said he was responding well to treatment but was still poorly and yesterday suffered another seizure.

Mrs Inglis said on Saturday: “Jamie’s deterioration is rare, but it has happened – we have to deal with it, learn from it and move on.

“The virus has been reactivated but nobody knows why... possibly the antibody was such a shock to Jamie’s system that it kick-started this.

“I could not believe the change in him today. He is no longer fighting with me and as I sat and held his hand as he wanted to sleep he said ‘mummy, stay with me forever.’ Tears threatened to fall but I kept them in and said ‘Jamie, I will stay with you forever and ever’”.

She said the recent setback would mean they would be unlikely to return to visit their home in Kelfield and so see Jamie’s little sister, Poppy, until after his next phase of treatment in December.

Jamie has been undergoing months of treatment for neuroblastoma, which has seen his father’s stem cells introduced into his body to help him build a stronger, donor-derived immune system. His family has been working to raise £250,000 to pay for the medical trial in Germany, and has so far raised more than £148,000. However, they have estimated that the recent tests and treatments for his recent setbacks could cost many thousands of pounds extra.

To donate money to help Jamie, visit www.justgiving.com/jamiesappeal and follow his progress on Facebook at Keep Jamie Smiling.