A BBC documentary about a seven-year-old from North Yorkshire currently receiving pioneering cancer treatment in Germany will be available online this evening.

Jamie Inglis and his parents John and Vicky were filmed as they arrived in Germany in the summer for an Inside Out East programme about child cancer patients travelling overseas for treatment.

The programme is not being screened in our region but should be available on iPlayer from about 9.30pm, a BBC spokesman said.

Jamie’s parents are still working to fundraise £250,000 - after being refused any NHS funding - for the medical treatment he is receiving in Germany which is considered by experts to be his only chance of long term survival.

Earlier this month The Press reported how Jamie is now in complete remission from neuroblastoma as a result of the treatment.

The programme will also feature Lauren Downie who took her daughter Olivia to the Hope for Cancer Clinic in Mexico where she was given an unlicensed injection called the BX Protocol. Her condition worsened and she died shortly after.

Jamie’s specialist in Germany, Professor Rupert Handgretinger, told the BBC that there is no proof the treatment Olivia was given works and advises parents not to go to Mexico, a BBC spokesman said.