THE mother of twin boys from York has told of her surprise at hearing she and her husband were about to become parents again – this time of twin girls.

Emma Power, 25, said husband John refused to believe her when she broke the news that her latest scan revealed a second set of twins was on the way.

The odds of having two sets of twins are believed to be one in 170,000.

Ruby and Jessica were born on September 19, weighing more than 6lb each. The girls are now at home in Tang Hall with their six-year-old twin brothers, Connor and Kyle.

Mrs Power said: “I thought ‘Oh my God’ when I found out. It was a real shock.

“John didn’t believe me. I rang him because I had rushed into hospital on my own. I said ‘wouldn’t it be funny if it was twins again’ and he said ‘don’t even joke about it’.

“When I actually told him the scan showed that it was twins again, the phone just went silent. He didn’t believe me, so I had to go around to his work and show him the print-outs.”

Mrs Power admitted the new arrivals had made their two-bedroomed home a little crowded. But she said things were about to get even more hectic.

“My parents are coming over from Australia at Christmas, so it’s going to be a real squeeze.

‘‘They are staying for a month but it’s the first time they will have met the girls.”

Mrs Power said that with her husband looking after the new arrivals every night and her getting the two boys ready for school, the best Christmas present she could get this year would be a rest.