GATECRASHERS who invaded a York teenager’s party ruined carpets, broke treasured items and stole cash, phones, jewellery and an iPod touch.

Rowena Freeman said about a hundred teenagers – many of whom were uninvited and heard about it through BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) – arrived at her house in Minster View, Wigginton, when her 15-year-old daughter, Alicia, organised a Hallowe’en party.

She said she had not given permission and had gone away to a dance competition, thinking Alicia was going to a party elsewhere.

Mrs Freeman, a mobile hairdresser, was alerted by Alicia and returned in the early hours after police, called in by neighbours disturbed by the noise, had dispersed everyone.

She said there were hundreds of bottles lying around and there was mud everywhere. “The carpet on the stairs and landing was thick with mud and I’ve had to take it up and throw it away,” she said.

“A teapot given to me by my late mother and of sentimental value had been broken.

“Someone went in my bedroom and stole about £60 in cash and my two mobile phones – one of which I use for my business as a hairdresser – clothes, and a spare set of car keys, although I found these later in the garden.

Alicia’s iPod touch, bracelet and about £20 were also stolen and the lock on the cabin shed in the garden and the front gate were damaged.”

She said the partygoers were aged between about 15 and 18, with some having come from as far away as Leeds.

“It has taken a week to clear up and I have felt so poorly my doctor has put me on anti-depressants. I just want parents to be aware what their children have done, and where they have been.”

She said it was the second time Alicia had held a party without her consent, and she would now be meeting the bill for the damage and theft from her savings.

Alicia said she was extremely sorry for having held the party without permission, and said she would never do such a thing again.

North Yorkshire Police said the theft and damage had been reported and was being investigated, but the difficulty was in establishing which individuals had been responsible. Anyone with information should phone 101, quoting crime reference 291020120027.