Only One Question for...Barnsley folk singer Kate Rusby

What inspired the title for your new album, Ghost, Kate?

"I called it Ghost after the final song on the album. We have a ghost in our house, in the music room in fact. It's a friendly ghost, so we like it being there. I wrote the song in that room on the old piano we have, and one night I was locked in because the handle broke as I was sat at the piano writing the song. I had to squeeze out of the window to escape. But I just think it was Ghosty making its presence known.

"I hope the Ghost likes it anyway. There is also another ghost song on the album called The Bonnie Bairns, which tells the story of a lady being led away into the woods by two small girls who turn out to be ghosts. So Ghost seemed to be the perfect title."

Kate Rusby's Ghost is out now on Pure Records. She plays Scarborough Spa on October 4; York Barbican, December 12.