PIP Utton, the master of one-man theatrical portrayals, has taken on the guise of Hitler, Churchill, the Pope, Chaplin, Francis Bacon, Dickens, Tony Hancock and Casanova, but now faces his most challenging task: Playing Maggie.

The multi-award winning, lauded veteran of the Edinburgh Fringe will be hosting "an extraordinary evening with Margaret Thatcher" at Selby Town Hall on Saturday night.

Utton's show is a reflection on how to portray Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher that transforms into a live "Audience With" as Pip becomes the Iron Lady.

"Saviour or witch? Love her or hate her? It is not for me to decide, only to portray," says Utton.

"She divided the nation like no other politician and changed the face of British, perhaps world, politics forever, while the effects of her influence and policies are still felt today. Listen to her philosophies, her inspiration and her logic, and then take the chance to question her."

York Press:

Pip Utton...becomes...Margaret Thatcher

Chris Jones, Selby Town Council's arts officer, saw Playing Maggie in its hit run at the Edinburgh Fringe last year. "It really is something quite different," he says.

"Half way through the play, Pip ‘becomes Maggie’, stepping forward to break the fourth wall and risk taking questions from the audience, answering them as the lady herself! I was totally taken in; it’s all very impressive."

Utton has won not only Spirit of the Fringe and Stage Awards for Acting Excellence honours, but also a suitcase full of international trophies from the 21 countries where he has performed to date.

“Pip is renowned as one of the premier performers at the Edinburgh Fringe, and this is perhaps his most fascinating piece of theatre yet,” says Chris.

“While the narrative focuses on a conflicted actor who has spent much of his life playing a character he acknowledges as divisive, a substantial proportion of the shown is given over to the most extraordinary ‘audience with’ you are ever likely to witness, as Pip answers questions, both historical and topical, with terrifying accuracy and realism. It's a theatrical spectacle to behold."

Tickets for Saturday's 8pm show cost £11 on 01757 708449 or at selbytownhall.co.uk or £13 on the door from 7.30pm.