HOW refreshing to hear Paul Blanchard spouting his drivel again in the piece: "Campaigners hail foie-gras triumph" (The Press, August 6).

As a retailer, I would assume the real reason for chain stores to stop stocking foie gras is profit - the same reason one cannot easily get a good ewe's-milk cheese, a really good dry-cured ham, baby octopus and venison in the stores mentioned.

Foie gras is a speciality food and hence better suited to a specialist delicatessen.

To say they have stopped stocking it purely on ethical grounds may not be the whole truth. Ask them how many other products they have stopped selling this year because sales have fallen.

If you want foie gras and you are a regular consumer of this beautiful dish, you are more likely to be buying it from your friendly deli. I know I do.

Along with my venison, veal, baby octopus, ewe's-milk cheeses and fabulous dry-cured hams.

Richard Mellen, Shirley Avenue, York.