IS IT any wonder that the Army is struggling to find recruits, when politicians of all colours are allowing ambulance-chasing lawyers to make millions of pounds from our taxes with made-up stories of abuse from our soldiers, even going back to the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

The witchhunt by these people has led to our forces putting their own lives in further danger by possibly hesitating to squeeze the trigger when needed for fear of reprisals.

The Army evidently is now considering dumbing down the recruitment process in attempts to raise numbers.

The ‘Be The Best ‘ advertising slogan, which certainly applies to our British Army and has done for hundreds of years, is reportedly to disappear along with the cross swords emblem and a softer approach to gender and ethnicity is proposed.

Part of Britain’s Army comprises of some of the best fighting men in the world, such as the Ghurka Regiments, who have been fighting alongside us for hundreds of years.

A more loyal and brilliant people one could not wish for.

Potential Ghurka recruits still travel over the mountains of Nepal for days to take part in the gruelling physical and mental tests in hope of joining the British Army, yet once again our ridiculous politicians of all colours keep shrinking the Ghurka Regiments numbers.

With the continued depletion of the Regular Army in general it is no time to apply a softly softly approach to snowflake generations when we have brave men like the Ghurkas queuing up to join.

Bob Waite, Holgate, York