THE York for Europe campaigners, or do they want to be called Stop the Silence, or maybe both, say that their dissenting voices over Brexit are being shouted down (The Press, March 13).

Maybe I should get out more, but I have yet to see on TV any of this “shouting down”.

Brexiteers are just politely pointing out, either on interview or in print, that a democratic referendum voted for us to leave the EU.

Purely and simply, this was the only item on the ballot paper, despite what Remainers are saying people did or didn’t vote for.

The phrases, hard Brexit, bargaining chips, cliff edge and meaningful vote, have all been introduced into the debate since June 23 by disgruntled Remainers who are not prepared to accept democracy and that they lost the vote.

Geoff Robb, Hunters Close, Dunnington, York