IT was sad to read that New Earswick Primary School was to be put into special measures (The Press, March 9).

I started school there in 1929 at the age of five years. In those days it was considered one of the most modern and progressive schools in Europe.

It was then, of course, the only school in the village and catered for all children from five to 14 years of age.

I recall very happy and very instructive years there. The headmaster Mr J Barnes was a very strict but very fair person, and an excellent teacher.

Apart from giving us a very good early start in life, the school excelled in sport, and I recall outings to Liverpool and Edinburgh in 1935 and 1936.

Music was also a regular feature, and we visited the Robert Mayer concerts in the now extinct Exhibition Buildings in York.

Mr Barnes was very fond of music and this instilled in me a love of the classics which has enriched my life.

Both Mr Seebohm and Arnold Rowntree used to visit us regularly. What wonderful people the Rowntree family were.

There are few of us left now of that era. I occasionally see one or two in the village.

I hope that whatever decision is made regarding its future, careful consideration is made about the needs of the children.

Dennis Bradley, White Rose Avenue, New Earswick, York