LABOUR’S relentless war with the motorist started in May 2011 and continues to this day.

Not in their election manifesto, the cycling Cabinet sneakily tried to sell the Union Terrace coach and car park to St. John’s College. People power won the day.

In a fit of pique, the council retaliated by increasing car park charges citywide.

Labour then concentrated its fire on Lendal Bridge. The six-month trial closure, extended to nine in reality, raised £1.3 million illegally.

Personally signed letters of apology from him (James Alexander), with refund cheque attached, should be sent to every fined driver. No, say his scrutiny committee, but what does his unelected Fairness Commission advise?

New targets are speeding cars in residential areas. 20’s Plenty national campaign manager Councillor Anna Semlyen persuaded her pedalling pals to adopt her costly crusade. Police have neither cautioned nor convicted a single motorist in two years – £600,000 well spent then.

The council then turned its guns on wayward mums who inadvertently park unlawfully, albeit briefly, outside school. Enter the ‘Spy Van’, which has also been cunningly re-deployed down-town to raise further revenue.

Now this combat-stressed council picks another fight with Yorkies by replacing the free parking discount badge with a £20 Minster Badge – that’s just to qualify for existing meagre parking discounts. Such cheek!

Geoffrey Widdows, East Mount Road, York.