I AM saddened that I have been denied my birth-right and do not have a vote in the Scottish Referendum.

However, it is clear that the campaign for independence has nothing to do with Scotland’s proud heritage and everything to do with a socialist grab for power.

We saw this in the debate where Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling were vying to outbid each other on how they could be more profligate with taxpayers’ money.

Neither explained how they would provide health services and avoid deep cuts once they had bankrupted the nation.

From John O Groats to Lands End, why is it that politicians – particularly the socialists – can’t tell it as it is: we have to live within our means.

That means local and national government running balanced budgets and encouraging economic enterprise through reduced taxation. Moreover, the private sector must be used in public services where it can provide better value for money.

Scotland will say NO to independence and – yes – the ‘Devo Max’ Genie will be out of the bottle. But that Genie works for us in England as well – an end to the Barnett Formula subsidies and a solution to the West Lothian Question will be essential.

Councillor Joe Watt, The Village, Skelton, York.