THE double-page feature about Christian Vassie’s views on trams in York was quite interesting (The Press, August 27).

I think trams would not work on the city streets, but would have worked on the new Park&Ride, just opened at Poppleton.

This new car park is adjacent to the railway line from York to Harrogate. If the council was interested in keeping traffic off the roads, it would have been an easy matter to run tramlines down the side of the existing rail track, right into York Station.

That would have kept the P&R buses off Boroughbridge Road, and all the road “improvements and widening that has just been undertaken would not have been required.

Whilst on the subject, the P&R at the designer centre is next to the River Ouse, so why not use water transport as part of the system?

Stuart Wilson, Vesper Drive, Acomb, York.