AS A York born resident, may I add my thoughts about what is happening to the beautiful, historic city of York.

On Tuesday I had a very rare visit. I paid my parking fees for the day as I fully intended to have a good shop, look around and support local traders.

What a complete disappointment: York is now dirty and scruffy. King’s Square is horrendous with its new decor – all the character has gone, York stone gone, cast iron lamp posts gone, red pillar boxes gone.

I am sorry to say this, but it appears that the management of York wants it to look as common, rough and out of character as possible. I returned to the car long before my ticket ran out.

On Wednesday I visited the McArthur Glenn outlet and it was immaculate.

The drive up was planted out beautifully – all credit to gardeners – and the car parks were clean, free and well organised and the inside of the outlet made a person actually want to shop.

No dirt, no litter, no graffiti. I am sure the council would refer to cut backs rather than admit something is going terribly wrong in York.

It may be the policy to “get York moving”, but what about respecting the city, heritage and conservation instead of reinvigorating York to destruction.

Jan S, Murton Way, Osbaldwick, (Full name supplied).