WHERE have all the wise men gone? Have we no leaders with a mind of their own, a bit of spine, or at least some compassion?

The whole of Europe as been led into this quagmire in Ukraine by America, which has nothing to do with the place.

Obviously unaware or uncaring of the history of the area, one mistake was made after another in the deliberate ploy by America (having in recent years sunk billions into the place) to open up Ukraine’s markets to privatisation, thus lining their own pockets and robbing the people of Ukraine of a livelihood.

Those in the East, not wanting to be ruled by the illegal government that took over in Kiev, had a referendum and voted for independence.

Since then they have been painted as a pro-Russian terrorists instead of anti-Kiev protestors, which is what they are.

And their illegal government has sent tanks and jet fighters to put them down and in doing so flattened villages and destroyed beautiful towns, killing many civilians in the process and causing hundreds of thousands to flee to Russia.

And who really shot MH17 down? Will we ever hear the truth?

H Pugh, Kexby Avenue, York.