A NUMBER of our family members and grandchildren of one of the ten Calpin brothers, who served in the great war of 1914-18 were invited to attend the commemoration service in the York cemetery chapel on Monday, August 4.

May I thank everyone concerned in the organisation of the unforgettable occasion.

The order of service with the accompaniment of the lovely music by Robin Dickson and Simeon Wood was very moving and at times jolly, with the rousing renditions familiar to us all of ‘Tipperary’ and ‘Bless ‘em all’.

The Archdeacon of York, Sarah Bullock, and the ever-smiling Reverend Ron Smith joined in.

Favourable weather allowed the Lord and Lady Mayoress to circulate afterwards, and for many like myself it was an honour and a privilege to mingle with the many ex-servicemen proudly displaying their own and their family’s medals.

A walk around the York cemetery gathering many stories from the past is a peaceful experience not to be missed.

Barbara Woodley, Fulford, York.