IN RESPONSE to the letter by ‘Ann’ printed on August 13, while I agree that it is unfair that York Teaching Trust NHS foundation continue not to fund IVF, I must raise an issue with other points made in the letter.

You state the NHS waste money on “drunks and drug takers.” Calling someone a “drunk” is not helpful as alcoholism and drug abuse are, in the 21st century, recognised as diseases, and both are heavily influenced by socio-economic factors and are not simply “lifestyle choices.”

The reason that I feel the Trust withholding funding for IVF is unfair is that is goes against two of Nye Bevan’s founding principles of the NHS, the first being that “ it meets the needs of everyone” and the second “ that it be free at the point of delivery.”

I feel this should be applied equally to people with drug and alcohol issues as to those who are seeking IVF. You suggest the NHS is wasting money on “drunks and drug takers as this is of their own doing,” so should they also refuse to treat people who have cancer because of smoking and people who are obese through eating unhealthily?

Gareth Oliver, Ardsley House, Del Pyke, York.