HAZEL WARD (Letters, August 1) said I continue to ‘bleat’ about housing in York. I would like to apologise if this is the perceived case, but it is an issue very important to York families that Labour and myself are addressing.

Hazel said: “In the olden days a couple got engaged, lived with their parents, saved for a deposit, got married and moved into the house they worked for, continued working, then when they could afford it had children.” She went on to argue that couples should be married and secure a home before having children.

Last year, the housing charity Shelter published a report that said it could take up to 15 years for the average person to be able to put down a deposit in York.

Changes in the institution of marriage didn’t lead to York’s homes crisis, a lack of housing supply did.

Years ago the differentials between wages and house prices or even rents, were not as stark as they are now. Labour and I believe hard working families deserve the same chance their parents had.

Cllr James Alexander, Labour Leader, City of York Council.