WHAT an inconsiderate nation we seem to have become.

Cyclists ride on footpaths, motorists park on or across footpaths. As soon as we get a hot spell, people open their windows and turn the stereo up or take their music equipment into the garden.

People fly-tip because they can’t be bothered to dispose of their unwanted items in the legal manner.

I know few motorists who state, honestly, that they have never broken the speed limit. How many people die on our roads every year due to people driving too fast?

According to The Press of July 30, 86 people were killed and more than 800 seriously injured on the regions roads between 2010 and 2012.

Sadly some people have become so bigoted that they go out and kill people who have a different coloured skin other than our native white. I hear on quite regular occasions people using the ‘N’ word in public, despite this being not only despicable but also illegal.

Please let’s all live together in a harmonious and considerate manner and begin to consider what the consequences of our actions have on others.

Howard Perry, St James Place, Dringhouses, York.