AS SOMEONE who doesn’t live in York, I thought it appropriate to congratulate City of York Council on doing their utmost to create a negative vibe for visitors returning to the city.

Having been caught up in the money-making Lendal Bridge fiasco as a visitor, I now see they’re making it as difficult as possible for drivers to get their money back.

Having been found wanting they find it simply impossible to hold their hands up, admit they were wrong and repay innocent motorists.

Phone customer services, listen to the recorded message and you’ll learn that at some time in the future there will be a message alerting the public as to the process of reclaiming these incorrectly taken payments.

Like all the other motorists I appreciate it’s a tactic devised to minimise those claimants who would make the effort to follow up. But I can’t wait to receive my ‘gesture of goodwill’, until then I’ll simply remain guilty of driving over a bridge legally so I could pay money to support another York visitor attraction.

Doesn’t encourage me to return in a hurry.

Phil Pemble, Sutton Coldfield.