TAKING my dog out for her late night constitutional at 11pm, I came across a youth laid on the pavement.

He was flat on his face arms outstretched clutching a near empty bottle of spirits and obviously drunk.

Making sure he was okay I continued on my walk.

A quick once around the block and I thought I’d better see if he had moved at all.

Walking back to him I noticed two mixed groups of people of a similar age had walked past. Other than commenting on the predicament among themselves, they had offered no help or assistance to the young man.

Not wanting to just abandon him in the street, I thought it my best option to contact the emergency services and tell them of his predicament.

What a sad indictment that people would leave their fellow men laid in the street and offer no help whatsoever.

Shame on them. How much out of their precious lives would it take to offer just a little help or a phone call?

A kind heart and a bit of consideration among people are hard to find nowadays.

D M Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York.