IN 1994, I went to film a young Labour politician for the BBC in Acomb.

His name was Tony Blair, and I came home and said to my wife that I was really impressed with this young MP (he was only 40 at the time), and thought he should be leader of the Labour Party as I reckoned he would do amazingly well.

I couldn’t get over how much charisma he had – it was incredible. Even “Tony” sounded right?

At that time, John Smith was leader and seemed an honest, solid QC Scotsman; but he didn’t have that extra ingredient.

After Mr Smith’s sudden death, Tony Blair as leader and prime minister, brought a great sense of relief for most people, after the Conservatives’ stint.

Looking back 20 years, Blair did seem to be the man of the time – we had many years with a “buzz” in Britain. It’s a pity he lost the plot after 9/11 and went along with George Bush and the disastrous invasion of Iraq, and allowed Gordon Brown to be PM.

I know someone has to do it – but so many politicians have a very sad end of career with no personal satisfaction, as continuous real-life problems are not an art form. I wonder what “Tony” really thinks of it all now?

Keith Massey Acaster Malbis, York.