RICHARD BRIDGE should know that statistics from various sources can be interpreted to support opposing views on the Minimum Wage (Letters, July 18).

Also, a company finance director should be aware of forthcoming compulsory pensions that will add a further three per cent over and above the 20 per cent Living Wage increase.

Many small and medium enterprises are struggling just to keep afloat and that profit is the income and livelihood of those who created those jobs in the first place.

No matter what the Archbishop of York claims on BBC Radio 4, there is no doubt the Living Wage will have a detrimental impact on employment and recruitment.

If the Church ofEngland did not have so many volunteers and had to pay Living Wage rates for everything it did, the Archbishop might have some insight into how tough it is to keep filling those wage packets.

Furthermore, a 23 per cent hike in payroll costs will result in pressure for increased prices on goods and services provided by those firms.

I am all for social justice, but let’s start with those members of the Living Wage and Fairness Commissions who receive super-salaries plus generous pensions and perks, often paid for by taxpayers and charitable trust funds.

These people love to write reports without contributing to economic prosperity.

Matthew Laverack, Architect of this parish, Lord Mayor’s Walk, York.