I AM delighted that Mr Bryan (Letters, July 21) enjoyed laughing at the “Stop Urban Sprawl” message in Earswick.

The good news is that he will have plenty of time to relive his jollity in the long tailbacks on Strensall Road that will surely ensue if the council get their way and build 3,500 houses on land to the east of Earswick.

Yes, 3,500. That is ten times the size of Earswick now (including the homes built in the past 20 years).

Other ring road users will be “delighted” that the proposal includes yet another roundabout just east of the fire station. This will further slow the flow of traffic.

What has been built can not be unbuilt. Building on even more of the green fields that provide the lungs around York will not improve the quality of life for the residents and visitors to our city.

Steve Merritt, Strensall Road, Earswick, York.