WITH reference to letters regarding the state of York’s streets, I have four staff who work from 5am till 9am on Saturday and Sunday morning clearing the mess from the night-time revellers, a task made difficult due to many pubs closing at 4am and us having to deal with people hampering our efforts as they stagger around at 5am.

Many of the pubs/clubs/fast-food establishments don’t/won’t make any attempt (except McDonalds) to clear mess left outside their premises.

I then have four members of staff working from 10.30am to 7pm to try and clear up after 50,000 plus people in the city centre, as well as looking after any events that are happening, keeping an eye on the market refuse, assisting the litter-bin man, etc. Four men to basically nursemaid 50,000 people who cannot perform the basic task of placing litter in a bin or in their pocket.

At around 6pm they have to clear the refuse from the market, but I will not have staff wandering around the city centre after 7pm as you cannot move for stag and hen parties.

All I ask is that you give my lads a bit of slack as they are trying to do a thankless, never-ending job.

PR Willey Burnholme Drive, Heworth, York.